Vipul Agarwal, Managing Partner At Expro Events & Exhibits


We All Should Gear Up For Greater Times Ahead

ES. If you have to summarize the year 2021, then how would it be.. what learnings can we draw from it to move ahead in the present times?

Vipul Agarwal. Year 2021, for sure an extremely challenging year, both on the personal front with the scare of pandemic taking lives of near n dear ones as well as professional front, with the event industry getting savaged like never before. With most of events in our hand getting cancelled, survival n paying salaries to the team was the key, which we did.

ES. Your Learnings

Vipul Agarwal. Yes when the time was good, with non stop events in hand, everything looked great. This pandemic made us understand and make plan b for bad times.

ES. Your message to the industry?

Vipul Agarwal. I personally feel we have passed the worst of time & we all should gear up for greater times ahead. Year 2022, Q4 onwards, it might even be crazy.

ES. Top 3 trends

Vipul Agarwal. Though event organizers can look to a future that allows for more in-person events, it’s likely that hybrid events are here to stay for an year at least.