Proud Moment For India as Mr. Prasad Bags Bob Dallmeyer Educator of the Year Award


KV Nagendra Prasad has been at the forefront of the educative initiative taken by the Indian Exhibition Industry Association for knowledge dissemination in the exhibition industry. Under his mentorship, the association has successfully run the Certified in Exhibition Management™ (CEM) program for the past five years and has helped several professionals in the exhibition industry in further honing their skills and empowering the professionals in their said domain.

KV Nagendra Prasad, CEM, COO, HITEX and President, IEIA, has been garnered the prestigious Bob Dallmeyer Educator of the year award for 2019. The Bob Dallmeyer Educator of the year award is presented to the members of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events®(IAEE) for their outstanding creativity, a positive attitude and the ability to transfer knowledge through good communication skills and innovative teaching to promote life-long learning in the exhibition industry. The 2019 IAEE awardees were selected after careful consideration and review by the IAEE Awards Committee and approval by the IAEE Board of Directors following an open call for nominations by IAEE members earlier in the year.


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