P Ramakrishna, CEO, India Mobile Congress



ES. When did you start working in the Exhibition industry? Please share with us a brief history of your background and your role and responsibilities at IMC.

Ramakrishna P. Having decades of experience in the wireless industry in leadership positions, I entered the exhibition industry with the inception of India Mobile Congress (IMC), which dates to its establishment in 2017. As the CEO of IMC, I’m tasked with an array of significant responsibilities. They range from conceptualization, strategic planning, and coordination of the event to establishing and nurturing relationships with our partners and overseeing the seamless operation of the event. My role also includes promoting an environment of collaboration, innovation, and meaningful exchange among the participants, helping establish IMC as a pivotal platform for digital and technological growth in the region.

ES. How did your last edition of the show do in terms of visitor registrations, exhibitor bookings, and orders?

Ramakrishna P. The last edition of IMC was an overwhelming success, and we experienced a surge in participation across the board. Compared to the previous year, there was a significant increase in both visitor registrations and exhibitor bookings. The amount and value of business transactions that took place were significant, indicating the effectiveness of IMC as a platform for driving business growth and innovation. After two years, the in-person convening of the India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022 marked a unique occasion in the technology event landscape. Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched 5G services for India at IMC 2022, which opened up a USD 420 bn industry. The gathering attracted a footfall of over 100,000 attendees, spanning a diverse spectrum of the tech world. These included students keen on shaping their futures, over 1,300 C-suite executives exploring cutting-edge business technology, and more than 6,900 delegates from governmental bodies keen to steer policy towards inclusive digital growth.

The event was also a hub for entrepreneurship, with over 1,900 representatives from burgeoning start-ups and MSMEs eager to immerse themselves in the latest tech trends and connect with potential partners and investors. Amplifying the wealth of knowledge and insights, the congress featured more than 350 speakers who are leading figures in their respective fields. The exhibitors’ count was equally impressive, with 239 businesses setting up their stands. They showcased their latest innovations, offering attendees a firsthand glimpse into the future of technology. In essence, IMC 2022 successfully brought together various stakeholders of the technology ecosystem under one roof, encouraging knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration on an unprecedented scale.

ES. What are IMC’s upcoming plans in regard to exhibitions?

Ramakrishna P. At the India Mobile Congress (IMC), our driving principle is to continuously enrich the value we deliver to our attendees and participants. As we move towards IMC 2023, we have a vision to broaden our horizons, both in terms of the subjects we explore and the ways we engage our audience.

In our future plans, we aspire to expand the spectrum of technology discussions and exhibitions. The technology landscape is rapidly evolving, with new advancements and trends emerging every day. To truly represent this dynamic ecosystem, we aim to encompass more facets, from cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies to cybersecurity, from sustainable tech solutions to the revolutionary potential of quantum computing. By offering this wider scope, we can facilitate meaningful conversations around a broader range of topics, encouraging innovation and sparking dialogue on the technological trends that will shape our future.

Furthermore, we are expanding our horizons to walk with the current industry trends by introducing domains such as manufacturing, semi-con, broadcast, sat-com, drone, and green technology. These domains will play a strategic role in the acceleration of India’s growth in building a USD 5 trillion economy by 2025. As part of our commitment to delivering a more enriching and immersive experience, we aim to introduce more interactive formats for attendees in IMC 2023. We believe that hands-on experiences and practical involvement can foster deeper understanding and spark inspiration. With this in mind, we’re planning to host more live demonstrations, interactive workshops, and simulation experiences. This approach will allow attendees to not just learn about the latest technologies but also to engage with them on a more tactile level, thereby gaining in-depth insights.

Also, we understand that the IMC is a platform for all – from tech giants unveiling their latest developments to start-ups eager to demonstrate their innovative ideas. In 2023, we plan to provide a wider platform for these businesses, particularly start-ups, and MSMEs, offering them more opportunities to showcase their solutions, engage with potential investors, and receive feedback from industry experts. By doing this, we aim to foster a nurturing environment for these emerging businesses and promote technological innovation at all levels. In essence, our vision for IMC 2023 is to create an event that is not only larger in scale and scope but also more engaging, inclusive, and representative of the dynamic technology ecosystem – for India and across Asia.

We look forward to welcoming you to an event that promises to be exciting, illuminating, and inspiring.