One of the Biggest Smart Cities Events in Asia to Be Held in September


Smart Cities Innovation Summit (SCIS) Asia 2017 is will be held from 6th to 8th September, 2017 at KINTEX, South Korea is one of the biggest smart city shows in Asia. It is hosted by two central governments namely Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport and Ministry of ICT along with the local government of Goyang City of South Korea.

This event covers all fields related to Smart Cities such as Infrastructure, Building, Home, Mobility, Government, Energy, Service and etc. The show will bring together over 200 Cities and respective city leaders to partner with entrepreneurs to prospect best-practices and high-tech solutions for smart city realization needs. SCIS Asia 2017 will bring domestic and international organization delegates with a keen interest in smart city projects at the same place. The 2016 edition of the show saw participation from leading global companies including Washington DC CTO, California CSO, India CRO, Sri Lanka Land Manager and others. SCIS Asia enabled government officials of 57 countries to meet their business counterparts and share leading technologies to engage in smart city projects together. As highlights, the SCIS Asia 2017, will have prestigious exhibitors like Ministry of Land, Ministry of ICT, LH and other global companies. Mayors from various cities will be there as speakers in the conference.
The SCIS Asia Business Meeting System is the unique opportunity where you can meet global smart city leaders aspiring companies face to face who are responsible for implementing smart city solution. Birth of World New Wealth
The market volume of the global smart city industry is expected to grow to $1.24 trillion by 2019. Currently over 608 city projects are underway globally.

The smart city industry is a rising, profitable market of a massive scale. It is expected that tremendous wealth will be created by the Smart City Industry, which is the collective result of the convergence of 4th industrial revolution technologies and the recent, rapid urbanization trend worldwide.World research institutes forecast that global smart city market volume will expand to $3 trillion and the Asia-Pacific smart city technology/solution market in particular will rapidly grow to $11.3 billion/year.Venue City Korea is ranked third globally as a country which is well-prepared for the IoT market according to an IDC survey (1st: USA, 3rd: United Kingdom) Korea, an IoT test bed, is an ideal place to bring together world leading experience and know-how via cooperation with Korean governments and leading companies.

Korea Nationwide Project data of 2015 (launched by Ministry of Land, Transport and MaritimeAffairs)
1.Pilot Smart Cities: 21cities
2.Project Planning for Smart Cities: 21cities
3.Processing & Completion: 35cities
4.Launching IoTConvergence Platform: 7cities

Smart Cities Innovation Summit Asia 2017 Exhibition Overview

Scale:300 companies, 500 booths(10,000m²)

Exhibit Areas: Smart Infrastructure, Smart Building, Smart Home, SmartMobility, Smart Government, Smart Energy, Smart Service

Conference: 2 tracks, 7 themes, 50sessions.

Programs: Exhibition / Conference / VIP Networking (Luncheon) / BusinessPartnering /Technical Tour / Embassy in Korea and Investment Commission Guild Tour.

Host: Ministry of Science,ICT and Future Planning Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport/ Goyang City

Organizer: KINTEX / TechConnect

Sponsors: Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministry of the Interior / Ministry of Trade / Industry and Energy / Ministry of Environment / Korea Smart Grid Institute (KSGI) / Artificial Intelligence (AIRI) / Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) / Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS) / World e-Governments Organization (WeGo)


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