Interview with Mr. Anil Batra, Managing Partner, Shri Balaji Exims

  1. Kindly brief us about the history of your company, telling us about when it was established?

Shri Balaji Exims is a well-established organisation started in 2011 and is a sister concern of Delhi Tent And Decorators (Established in 1986). We are specialised in providing infrastructure for events, exhibitions and we provide fabrication and stall designs throughout India.

2. Please throw some light on the functioning of your company.

We have a production of exhibition stalls with almost 28000 sq. feet workshop situated at Mehrauli,   Delhi. Our company has all advanced machineries and equipment to make a conceptualized design to a physical reality. Shri Balaji Exims is purely for exhibitions.

3. What has been your most promising or major projects so far?

Our major projects include Make In India, Art of living. Apart from these, we have done major projects for FICCI, CII, JICA, PHD CHAMBER, etc. From last 3 years, we are doing structures for ITPO, all the structures and air conditioning have been provided by us at the Trade Fair. We did 16 shows for BMW all over India.

4. What were the initial challenges you faced when you started and how technology is helping you in the growth of your industry?

Back in the past, when we started, it was difficult to move heavy machineries from one place to the other. On the other hand, technology is growing faster these days and therefore, we have advanced technological methods which ease out things for our manpower.

5. What is your take on GST?

GST is good for our business. It will take us some time in understanding GST. Earlier, we were registered for service tax only and for VAT, we had no inputs but now with GST, we are hoping to get all the inputs under one tax.

6. Which has been the most challenging event for you?

In 2012, we were doing “India Pharma Summit” for FICCI. We encountered heavy rainfall and storm during that event. We had to reinstall structures in less time. We pushed ourselves beyond available limits and made that event happen successfully within time.

7. What are your future plans and which technology are you planning to adopt?

We are planning to get into the pavilion structure for the coming days. These structures are more advanced and recently. we had installed fabric machine. Our core business is air-conditioning and we provide 2000-ton-cooling in a space of 20,000 sq. metre area. We are planning to expand this as well.

8. What is your success mantra?

Before starting any work, we worship God and then begin to execute. Apart from this, what we believe is that personal involvement is a must, we personally involve in every event. As a part of this, we make temporary office at the site of event and execute things from there only.

9. What is the future of this industry according to you?

This industry has huge scope. Though temporary structures are costly but for permanent structures, we do not have enough space. That is why our market value will not get down. We believe that all we need is to trace our clients and serve them with the best services. For example, in 2005, aluminium hangers came to the market and it was revolutionary. Similarly, with new innovations this market will only grow, there seems no halt in its path.

10. What are your upcoming events?

We are lined up with some major projects like Vastra exhibition, Stonemart Expo by FICCI, Genset Exhibition (we are doing Genset since 1993).





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