Interview with Mr. Ernst Kick, CEO of Spielwarenmesse


Q. Introduce yourself and tell us more about Spielwarenmesse?
A. Hi, my name is Ernst Kick and I am the CEO of Spielwarenmesse, the largest organiser of toy fairs in all around the world. We are related to toys and we are associated members’ company and all the members of our company are coming from different toy industries worldwide. We are representing the interest of the toy market.

Q. What are the objectives of your organisation?
A. The major target of our company is to market, to communicate the latest innovation and technology of the toy industry. For this, we are organising toy fairs all around the world. With the objective of building an international standard for the toy market, we have organised shows in Germany, Russia and Turkey and now we are coming up with our Indian edition of toy fair with the name of Kids India Mumbai in September.

Q. What exactly prompted you to come down and organise a kids’ fair in India?
A. Well, all I have to say in this regard is that I love India. We have to develop business and we are watching the Indian toy market carefully. The market is growing by 5-10% every year. All these parameters have prompted us and we are very happy to organise a show here.

Q. What will be the highlights of the 5th edition of kids fair, how will this be different from other organised fairs?
A. We started our journey with small scale shows and few companies but with time, we have built a strong network of big brands and leading companies taking part in our fairs. The 5th edition is prominent as Indian leading toy brands are participating and we can provide our consumers a wide variety of products all under one roof.

Q. What is your feedback on the Spielwarenmesse panel discussion? Did the outcome satisfy you?
A. Yes, I am satisfied totally and the outcome is fruitful as well. I am glad that the panel focussed on the safety and security of the toys. Kids are the future generation and their safety is our prime priority.

Q. The panel discussion was about the impact of Chinese products in the Indian market? What is your say regarding this?
A. The impact cannot be judged on a single factor. About 80% of the products are imported from China to all around the world, they have a leading market. Though there is a concern related to the quality of toys, our association is working progressively to increase awareness among the people about the effects of using harmful products.

Q. As an organiser, how do you see the Indian toy market?
A. The Indian market is in a boom and we have a joint group which is supporting India for Nuremberg. We have 34 Indian companies which are participating in Nuremberg next year. In this way, the Indian industry will get a chance to explore the international market.

Q. Which are the supporting bodies, helping you to organise Kids India in Mumbai?
A. We are supported by The All India Toy Manufacturers’ Association (TAITMA) and National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB). Kids India will provide the buyers multiple toy brands all under one roof. We are positive Kids about India and hoping for setting a benchmark in the Indian market.


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