India Gets A High-Tech Show On Unmanned System


Johnnette Technologies Pvt Ltd. in partnership with Amity University is organising the Unmanned Systems Conference and Exhibition India (USCEI) Drone Expo on 7th and 8th November, 2017 at Amity University in Noida. An Unmanned System is a machine or device that is equipped with necessary data processing units, sensors, automatic control, and communications systems and is capable of performing missions autonomously without human intervention.

The USCEI will provide stage for more than 30 companies focusing on advancements in this technology to showcase their work for business. The theme of the Conference is ‘Breakthroughs in Unmanned Systems Technology’. The range of product categories includes Aerial Vehicles, Ground Vehicles, Underwater Systems, Surface Vehicles, Sensor Systems, Communication Systems and Academic Projects on Unmanned Systems.

Johnnette Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been organising USCEI since 2013. The number of companies exhibiting their future changing technology in the field of unmanned systems has grown considerably over the years. The USCEI expo stands as a venue, not just for the showcasing of advancements in unmanned systems but also a place for networking as well as trade of business between top govt. officials and industrialists. The USCEI also opens up the stage for research, development and collaborative research for the promotion of innovative ideas through technical conferences and other sub events. This helps the young minds of the country to not only showcase their ideas but also to interact with the industrialists and govt. officials to understand the new challenges and help bring in new advancements in the unmanned systems industry.

The show will have participation from Indian Forces, ISRO, DRDO, Police and various other Indian Ministries and Defence forces of countries including – Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Korea & Tibet.

Johnnette Technologies Pvt. Ltd will also host the Indian Drone Prix 1.0 along with The USCEI 2017. This will test the skills of students in design and engineering. The sub events hosted under Indian Drone Prix 1.0 will require students to build their own robots as well as drones and test them to their limits.

Sub events hosted under Indian Drone Prix 1.0 are:

  • Indian Drone Racing
  • Drone Design Challenge
  • Clash of Bots

Development of unmanned systems is transforming how humans and machines work together and serves as a capability multiplier. This technology enables especially the defence and military forces of countries to ensure life-safety of its humans.


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